The B:sides Spotify-Playlist


1. '...Och Ett Lyckligt Slut' from Skuggmonster-EPn af Annika Gillberg
2. 'Blues för Hans' from Nattens Lovsång-CDn af Ensemble Lakonia
3. 'Be Still' from Selah-CDn af David Åhlén
right here I believe I've mixed up the names of the trax and the artists... hmmm... I'm really sorry, but it's my first time 2 doing this... iiii.... oopppss...
4. 'Stilla' from If I can stop one heart from breaking-CDn af Andreaz Hedén
5. 'Archangelus Michael' from Sanctus : Michael-CDn af Vox Archangeli
6. 'Archangelus Gabriel' from Sanctus : Gabriel-CDn af Vox Archangeli
7. 'Archangelus Raphael' from Sanctus : Raphael-CDn af Vox Archangeli
8. 'Leyfðu Ljósinu' from Leyfðu Ljósinu-CDn af Hildur Gudnadottir

"Gregory the Great spoke about compunctio, the holy pain. The grief somebody feels when faced with that which is most beautiful is both a reminiscence and a foretaste of the divine world. Originally compunctio was a medical term that described intense physical pain, but when Gregorius used the word he spoke about a spiritual pain. The bittersweet experience stems from human homelessness in an imperfect world, human consciousness of, and, at the same time, a desire for, perfection. This inner spiritual void becomes painfully real when faced with beauty. There, between the lost and the desired, the holy tears are formed."
~ Owe Wikström, professor in Psychology of Religion at the University of Uppsala

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Soli Deo Gloria

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