I saw an illustration af Rovina Cai.
I got inspiered, and wrote a Poem.
I call it UNTOLD.
I went off to sv.qr-code-generator.com and made a NanoBook of the Poem.
I showed UNTOLD to DALL•E² and an image came through.
And I took the NanoBook and embedded it into the image.
Oh, I've created this nftNanoBook!
And yes, I called it UNTOLD too.
The qr is the NanoBook / Poem ~ Scan it 📲 Read it ~ NanoBok.LennArrrt.xyz
~ there is also a nftNanoBook version ~

the two black
they saw,
one was smaller
but both wore
threads of gold
yes they both saw
the tragic
and the love
and the sorrow
and life
and beast
a shapeshifter
from the east
and in the west
the sun went down
and suddenly
it became
very dark
and very cold
there are
so many things
that been in unsaid,

created & © af bARdisT ✒️📜🖌️ LennArrrt.se - 2023-09-10

Soli Deo Gloria